IFBB Professional Athlete and Fitness Model

As an experienced IFBB Professional athlete and fitness model, Natalie knows what it takes to get into great shape, on or off the competition stage. If you are looking for assistance with your contest preparation, or simply want to get into the best shape of your life, Natalie will design a personally tailored program to meet your needs. All plans include nutrition and training, with the competitive programs also offering support with stage presentation, suit selection, posing, and all the elements you need to know when you are competing. Living healthy is a lifestyle – let Natalie guide you towards your peak physique today!

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I started working with Natalie for my first figure competition after being referred by a friend. Initially I wanted to work with her because she was obviously successful at her sport, and she looked the way I wanted to look! It's been a great partnership because I appreciate her straight-forward, no BS style; I also appreciate that while she takes prep coaching (and her own prep) seriously, she also has a life outside of the sport and that's reflected in her approach. I want to get in shape and learn about my body, not be miserable and stressed out! Natalie is always accessible and extremely helpful, and gives you all the tools you need to take control of your own fitness and health. And obviously her style works: I won my category in my first local figure show, and then won again at provincials the next year. This year I'm prepping with Natalie again for an IFBB international events qualifier and I'm excited to see my progress! I highly recommend Natalie if you're looking for a prep coach or even just looking to get in better shape - Ashley
I started working with Natalie for my very first bikini competition almost one year ago. Natalie quickly put me at ease on our first meeting and posing session with her positive attitude and professionalism. Natalie monitored my progress weekly and knew exactly how to get my body to respond with her customised workouts and easy to follow meal plans. Three competitions later I'm still working with Natalie in my off season and for my upcoming competition! - Jodie
Earlier this year I competed for the first time in the bikini division of a bodybuilding competition in Halifax, NS. I had been thinking about competing for a while, but had no idea how to get started, what I should be eating, or how I should be training. Luckily, I was referred to Natalie by a mutual friend as someone to help guide me through my preparation. Natalie was extremely fast in addressing any of my questions and concerns, and she is very knowledgeable in respect to every aspect of the sport. I felt (and still do, as I will hopefully be training with her again in the near future) very blessed to be working with her. Natalie provided me with weekly adjustments to my training and meal plan, and also frequently took the time out of her very busy schedule to check in with me and see how I was doing. Not only did she provide coaching for my competition preparation, she provided a constant source of motivation for me as well. Natalie is a wonderful role model for all women in the sport, as she is the true definition of hard working - her determination has certainly paid off and brought her much success in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. THANKS NAT!!
After attempting to prep for two bikini competitions and backing out of both, I felt discouraged I'd ever make it to the stage. I wasn't seeing the results I had hoped for with my previous coaches, and wondered what I was doing wrong. I found it difficult to stick to their extremely strict diet and training plans, as well as manage being in University and having a part-time job. Since becoming interested in the fitness industry three years ago, I have always admired Natalie's stunning physique and the fact that she's a successful Canadian IFBB Figure Pro. I contacted Natalie through email and she provided me with a detailed, yet manageable diet and training plan that transformed my body to stage-ready in just 12 weeks. Throughout my prep, Natalie responded almost immediately to any questions I had. Until I began working with Natalie, I had never seen such significant changes in my body and was amazed by my results. I ended up stepping on stage and winning first place in my height class (Bikini Medium Tall) at my first show. I will definitely be working with Natalie for my next show and can't wait to see what's next in store for me. Thank you Natalie for being such an inspiration and helping me reach my goals!
Train with a Professional. Natalie Waples is available for one-on-one personal training sessions where she can personally help you achieve your goals. Personal training is held at various gyms throughout the Halifax area. In addition, Natalie can create a custom, online personal training program for you to use at your own convenience, so you can train with a pro no matter where you are! Suddenly, everyone started to ask "when" I would compete in figure! Me! Now, my genetics are NOT naturally pre-disposed toward the typical body structure required by the competition circuit. My physique was only made possible by following Natalie's advice and guidance...and by putting in all the hard work she required of me (not to mention stage presentation lessons). In summer 2008, I competed in my first provincial show, which was definitely a dream come true. I credit Natalie completely for guiding me so expertly, and with so much care, dedication and support."
In my goal to compete in a figure show, Natalie has been my most important ally. She happily shares her knowledge of the stage, nutrition and fitness, in a professional manner. While working with Natalie, I was assured to get all the correct information I would need to successfully compete in a show, without feeling out of place. As a result of working with Natalie, I felt prepared for my show of May 2009 and plan on continuing competing in 2010. Natalie is still my got-to person for my nutrition and training questions.